Gary Stevens

Gary is the founding Directors of Financial Revolution Ltd and has over 4 years of experience in brokering digital currencies. Over this time he has seen the market expand and diversify creating new opportunities.Gary’s passion is helping others achieve their potential and this extends to the way he does business as he believes in a fairer world.

Gary is sure that if more people treated digital currency like other FIAT currencies they would see the benefits of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other leading currencies for themselves. These currencies allow people to buy and sell commodities in a peer to peer way without the banking institutions and other bodys taking a slice.

Gary hopes that through the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, individuals can take control of their own futures in a decentralised world and stop relying on a banking system that offers no return on peoples savings yet still makes massive profits from their money.

Gary’s Mantra is “it’s time to be your own bank and join the revolution today


David Ffyske

David comes from a digital marketing background having spent the last 10 years working for agencies in London and Essex. For the last 2 years David has been interested in digital currency after being introduced to it by Gary stevens and making some small investment in Bitcoin himself.

David believes this is an exciting business opportunity for the future, but as part of Financial Revolution Ltd team he is focusing on the savings plans as a good introduction to Bitcoin for first time investors. David’s role in the business is the operations side to ensure things run in a smoothly for clients and the business alike.

David has been involved in a project that looked at the introduction of a digital currency ATM network in the UK and was part of the team that visited the development team in the Czech Republic where they have successfully been running a cafe for the past 3 years on bitcoin only

David’s Mantra is  “build it and they will come”