Financial Revolution Limited will broker your FIAT currency (sterling, etc) into digital bitcoin and any ALT currency of your choice, to make it a seamless transition into the world of cryptocurrencies. We will undertake the deal on your behalf in the first instance and then subscently store your investment on our cold storage devices were applicable*.

Cold storage devices such as Trezors or Neno Ledges are the safest way to store digital currencies as they are offline devices and offer higher levels of security than online wallets known as hot wallets. We charge a small monthly storage fee of £1.99 pcm to store your currencies on these devices as they offer the best security on the market currently and we believe this is vital. Alternately, you are welcome to store your currency in your own hot wallets (with no monthly fees), but we can not be held accountable should your currency get hacked. Simply send us your hot wallet address and we will transfer your fund into this account. These investments are one off lump sum investments which you deposit with us over a 12 month term. We offer two versions to choose from:

Flexible Investments

Flexible investments work in exactly the same way as a fixed investment, but can be added to over the term of the policy. Financial Revolution Limited will broker these additional funds on your behalf and store these with the initial investment. Coin prices may vary at the time of purchase, but your total ownership will be recorded in your portfolio and you will be sent a completed sales docket for each transaction. All deals are time stamped to help you track you investments clearly, both now and in the future. Your new coins will be stored in your account alongside your existing portfolio.

Fixed Investments

The terms for investment require a one off lump sum investment (no limits applied) into our sterling account. We will then broker the coins of your choice with our commission of 5%- 8% above the spot rate (buying price). We will set you up with your own private account in our Cold Storage devices for the period of the investment to protect against potential hacking. This product is a 12 month commitment, early and should you wish to remove your investment prior to the term end penalties apply*

Liquidating your Investments

1 month prior to the term ending we will contact you to find out what you wish to do with your investment. When we liquidate your investment our fee will due at 15% of the investment growth only to cover our management fees. Additional transfer charges will apply to the cash out synario as we will need to convert your digital currency back into FIAT Currency like sterling. Alternately, you can move your currency to your own storage facility (hot wallet) with small transfer fee. Charges vary dependent on market conditions and we will advise you of these charges at that time. Investments can rise and fall dependent on the markets position at that time.

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