Stage 1

When you transfer your local currency* investment into our business bank account, we will use this capital to buy your bitcoin from our network of trusted bitcoin traders. We will timestamp your investment transfer and offer you the bitcoin rate at that time; this rate is known as the SPOT RATE. We charge a 5% -8% fee (above SPOT RATE) to purchase coins from traders in the same way as buying your euros or dollars from a bureau de change when you go on holiday.

Stage 2

We then warehouse your investment like you would with any other local currency. To protect your investment we use a cold storage device offline to ensure complete security for your investment. We further protect your investment by using a directors double entry 8 digit access code to unlock the cold storage devices. There is no single individual in the business that holds the entire 8 digit code for the cold storage safe; meaning no one can access your funds individually and this ensures against a single director from removing client funds.

*the term local currency means FIAT currencies such as Euros, Sterling or Dollars dependent on your location.


Unlike FIAT currencies*, cryptocurrencies can fluctuates significantly in the short term and that we is why we have designed the Digibonds to be 12 month terms. This allows our clients to ride out the short term fluctuations and win over the longer term. In order for you to see benefit of your investments we have set up early surrender penalties for cashing out your Digibonds.


Clause 1#

Your right to cash out your investment earlier than month10 will incur a 50% management fee (based on the revenue gains) smaller investors this could impact on the profit you have made. Bitcoin is a currency like any other and as such, has exchange fees to convert from bitcoin into Local currency.

Clause 2#

Financial revolution Limited require a 30 day request to withdraw funds in writing; we are not a bank and these capital investments are aimed at the medium to long term investor. We always stress to our clients at the beginning of the relationship that whilst they can withdraw their investment, Digibonds are designed as a saving scheme and run over a 12 month term.

Clause 3#

Bitcoin is a currency like any other currency and as such, has exchange fees to convert from Bitcoin into Local FIAT currencies. These fees are set by 3rd party organisations and Financial Revolution Limited simply charge you the client at the flat rate with no additional % fee added to the original fees.

Clause 4#

Should you surrender your Digibond early, all of our management, exchange and transfer fees will be deducted from your funds prior to transferring your monies to your account. We will inform you of all fees charged and the Spot rate we work to for this deal. This information will be emailed directly to your prefered email address as stipulated in your account application.