Digibonds are a savings plan in digital currency. We take local currencies such as Sterling and purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on your behalf. We then warehouse these cryptocurrencies in a bond  for a 12 month term.

Expected ROI

Unlike the High Street banks that offer you a yearly interest rate of 0.5% growth on average, we are confident of returning a substantially higher yield than the banks. Remember, it’s your money and we don’t take our fees until the end of your investment term. Therefore it’s in everyone’s interest to deliver the best returns on your investments.

We will store your investment on our Cold Storage devices with a monthly fee of £1.99 pcm which is payable in addition to the investment amount.

End of Term

At the end of your investment term we will offer you 3 simple choices for cashing out your investment:

  • Cash out the growth only
  • Cash out both your capital investment & Growth
  • Roll your investment over for a further 12 month term

Our Fees

At this milestone Financial Revolution Limited will claim our yearly fees of 15% of the capital growth only. If your investments have risen we receive our management fees, but if the coin price has drop we receive no management fees, simple.


This predicted ROI is based on the performance of Bitcoin over the past 10 years and whilst there have been some dramatic highs and lows recently; bitcoin has out performed many of the more established investments  such as property, gold and other commodities. One thing is clear when you monitor the performance of bitcoin over a 12 month period. Year on year the value of Bitcoin has risen significantly.

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