Many clients only want to dip their toe into the water of digital currency or buy every now and then, but don’t have the skills or knowledge to buy Bitcoin or other ALT currencies themselves. Financial Revolution Limited can therefore help you cross over into this area by brokering coin on your behalf. We are able to broker coins as cash brokers or by bank transfer dependent on your requirements. Please let us know your preferences when applying.

What’s involved

Our requirements to broker on your behalf are that we receive the funds prior to brokering your deal. With ALT coins we need to purchase Bitcoin first and then use a number of trusted exchanges to purchase the ALT Coins on your behalf. This means the brokering process is far more involved and can take several hours to complete.

Therefore, the coin price may fluctuate over this period from when you first instructed us to broker your coins to completion. These fluctuations are normal and are generally very minor. This process requires us to use more than one 3rd party service to complete the deal and therefore will incur increased transfer fees. In many cases we can not store your ALT coins on our cold storage devices making them more open to risk. Although these risk can be quite small, it is our duty to make you aware of these risks to enable you to make an informed decision.

Secure storage

Financial Revolution use cold storage device known as a Trezor to store your currencies safely offline. Trezor currently support the following currencies on their devices, but this is subject to change over time. These changes are subject to the discretion of the Trezor provider.

*Our cold storage devices support the following currencies:

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash & Zcash


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